The most creative products Seramik Fren Balatları Rüzgar Türbinleri ve tren,metro vagonlar için.

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The most creative products wind turbine, rüzgar türbini train and metro wagons, tren ve metro vagonu ship boats cruises, gemi ve botlar military vehicle applications, askeri araçlar

FRITEC has developed many friction materials for different kind of usage in order to cover the needs of our customers for industrial applications .

We have 30 groups of industrial products. A wide variety of formulas are available for all these specific applications.

Between these 30 groups we have disc brake pads for off highway vehicles (tractors, earth moving equipment), twin discs, clark rings, linings, wind mill pads, tractor discs, products for mining,train pads,military vehicles pads and many other friction products.

Nowadays our lines are leaders in their field, innovation and constant pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement in the quality of our processes and products has increased our competitiveness in the market.

* Fritec Wind Power Brake Solutions

* Fritec Railway & Rail Vehicles Brake Solutions

* Fritec Construction and Mining Vehicles Brake Solutions

* Fritec Military Vehicles Brake Solutions

* Fritec Industrial Disc Brake Pad Illustration

fritec rüzgar türbini ve tren için seramik fren balatası
fritec industrial brake pads

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